Cable Installation

We have a highly flexible approach to projects.

HV & LV Power Installations

We offer the following installation services:

HV Power:

  • HV Equipment Installations & Testing
  • HV Cable Installation, Jointing & Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • HV Maintenance Service
  • HV-LV Thermographic Surveys
  • Oil Sampling, Testing, Filtration & Replacement
  • Cable Fault Location Finding

LV Installations:

  • LV Power Cable Installation, Jointing& Testing
  • Airfield Ground Lighting, Terminations & Testing

Instrumentation Installations:
Instrument Cabling, Terminations & Testing, Fibre Optic Cabling Installations

Ancillary Installations:
Busbar Installations, Containment (Rack/Tray) & Supports, Minor Civil Works, Trenching, Sanding, Tiling & Ducting

Earthing and Lighting Protection:
Earthing Networks & Testing

Building Services:
Sub-Distribution Cabling, Terminations & Testing

Lighting & Small Power Cabling, Terminations & Testing, Fire Alarm Cabling Terminations & Testing, CCTV Cabling, Data Communications Cabling, BMS Cabling, Security System Cabling

Full Design & Procurement

We offer the following services:

Parker Technical Services Cabling Division offers a complete Design & Procurement service for all HV and Cabling Installations.

We have the systems and technically competent persons available, to produce full and comprehensive designs for HV Systems and electrical cable installations routing and cable sizing.

To complement the design process, we have an AutoCAD design drawing facility and Cable Sizing Software.

We can manage, procure, deliver, offload, store and take responsibility for all cabling and termination requirements for any type of project, at competitive rates.

Solar Farms

Parker Technical Services are renowned for their cable expertise and as a an example of this with the rise in renewable technologies being one of the first to be involved with the cabling of solar parks.

Solar Farms or Solar Parks generate electricity locally and feed it into the local electricity grid and over the years have grown from 2 Megga-watt to 25 Megga-watt calling on the expertise of Parker Technical Services as the installation partner.

With our specialist skills we have already been involved with a number of Solar Farms throughout the UK , our cable team has calculated and designed the DC and AC cable layouts using both local and central Inverters covering all the civil engineering and cable installation.

With 11KVa and 33KVa systems being our speciality, delivering of large size distribution mains across fields and roads is all a part of our daily service.

Involved from an early design stage we can assist in all aspects from inverter layout to programming of the works, linking in our Civil Engineering and Cable supply with the mounting rail and panel installation.

Our teams have worked all across the UK on various types of installations from the countryside of Northamptonshire to the darkest depths of Corwall in all types of weathers delivering on time projects for major clients.

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Cable Installation